Pastor Nathan Quoted in Indian Voices

In the November issue of Indian Voices, a monthly newsletter from a Native perspective, featured a quote from Pastor Nathan Byrd. In an article titled, “Voices from the Community on Democracy,” Pastor Nathan wrote, “The reason we fight for democracy is because we owe it to those who worked so hard for us to participate in earlier generations. Those singing in the fields, singing in the churches, and singing in protest gatherings knew the value of full participation in democracy and sacrificed for it. We owe it to them to continue the fight. Whether we are on traditional Kumeyaay Lands, on a FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Afghanistan, or a city street let us do our part in hope of the day when the struggle to affirm our full identity is no longer a source of controversy” (page 12). Click the link below to view the full issue.

Indian Voices, November 2020

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